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Seven Rules on How to Do the Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning London

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Carpets are very expensive to buy and require a lot of attention because of their delicate nature.  They are prone to spills, wear and tear, and dulling due to dust build-up.

There are a number of ways to maintain the beauty of your carpet and countless carpet cleaning tips on how to clean specific carpet stains found on the internet.  However, a lot of these tips can be vague and do not give you proper instructions for treating the carpet without causing damage to the fibres.  So here are the seven rules to carpet cleaning that you should always remember; provided by professional carpet cleaners in London:

Rule #1 Vacuum Often

Carpets are a magnet for dust and should be vacuumed once or twice a week.  The dust acts like tiny microscopic razors that cut at the delicate fibres of your carpet, and excessive dust build-up can lead to infestations from microscopic pests and allergic reactions.

Rule #2 Tackle Spills Immediately

No matter how much you take care of the carpet there will always be occasions where yourself or somebody will accidentally spill something that can potentially stain the carpet.  You should act on these instances immediately in order to prevent permanent staining.

Rule #3 Avoid Sealing Dirt into the Carpet

If you’re one of those carpet owners that uses stain protection, make sure that all dust and dirt is vacuumed or cleaned thoroughly before treating the carpet.  The last thing you want to do is seal the dirt into your carpet.

Rule #4 Blot Spillages, Do NOT scrub!

Not only does scrubbing at a spill spread the stain over a larger area of carpet, it can also cause damage to the fabric.  If you have spilt a liquid on the carpet you should always blot it and soak up as much of the moisture as possible before carrying on with the carpet cleaning.  And remember Rule #2; always act immediately!

Rule #5 Never Apply Concentrated Solution to the Carpet

Excessive use of any carpet cleaning solution; whether it’s soap or any mild product, using too much and not diluting it can leave a heavy residue, which will do more damage than good and discolour the carpet material.

Rule #6 Never Use Too Much Water to Clean the Carpet

While it’s important to dilute any carpet cleaning product, it is doubly important to not over-wet the carpet.  Doing so can shrink the backing and loosen the fibres.  It is also very important to extract every last bit of moisture from the carpet to prevent moulding.

Rule #7 If in Doubt, Seek Professional Help

Carpet cleaning is no easy task and should only be attempted if you absolutely know what you are doing.  If you are unsure of any cleaning methods or how to use a product properly, then you should hire a carpet cleaning service.

To take advantage of these highly skilled professional cleaners all you have to do is call a carpet cleaning company London and ask for a free quote.

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