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How to Remove Furniture Impressions after Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Anyone that has a textured carpet or rug in their home will often have to deal with impressions caused by heavy pieces of furniture.  When we’re doing the Carpet Cleaning or vacuum cleaning we’re constantly moving objects around in order to clean behind or underneath them.  Impressions usually occur where a substantial amount of weight is concentrated into a small area, so a chair will leave four little leg impressions in your carpet after you sit on it for a while.

More often than not, particularly in a healthy carpet or rug, the impressions will disappear on their own.  Carpet Cleaning on a periodic basis will help to keep the fibres durable for much longer, so they will correct themselves whenever the furniture is removed.  You can also buy sliding pads from furniture and DIY stores, which make shifting heavy pieces of furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, a whole lot easier on carpet, and will also protect against impressions.

Removing carpet impressions is fairly easy, and there are a number of ways to do so after doing the Carpet Cleaning.

It is always handy to keep an old toothbrush among your cleaning products and tools.  Not only can you use it to scrub the scum off bathroom tiles or out of awkward angles, such as the base of the sink taps or the corners inside your oven, you can also use it to fluff up the carpet fibres.  Simply give them a gentle massage and the impression will eventually disappear.  Always make sure that the toothbrush is thoroughly cleaned before you try this technique as you won’t want to deal with a toothpaste stain as well.

Vacuum cleaners can also remove indentations.  Simply work the flattened fibres with a narrow attachment.

Carpet Cleaners can strengthen the fibres, which makes them last a lot longer.  Experts recommend that Carpet Cleaning be done at least every six months in order to keep the carpets healthy and looking brand new.

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