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Another Commercial Carpet Cleaning Building Up For the FastKlean Change

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It’s been a great start of 2014 for FastKlean. Not only do we have projects to continue working on but we also gained new ones – from both new and old clients. It’s just a great feeling when people trust your services that they keep coming back for more, and of course, that they recommend you. Commercial and domestic cleaning are two of our main expertise, thus, we’re very glad to gain more clients which require either of these two services.

Just a couple of days ago, we received a call from a potential client who seeks affordable yet quality cleaning services for his commercial building. No matter how busy we are, we never say no to potential clients and luckily, our carpet cleaners have always been cooperative in flexing with a hectic schedule. Plus, our customer service agents are always friendly and knowledgeable which greatly helps in bagging different clients. In this recent one, he stated that he needs general cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Another Commercial Carpet Cleaning

FastKlean’s general cleaning involves the usage of new and highly technological equipment that will surely benefit all our clients. Since our goal is to provide quality service, we know it should start from owning the best cleaning machines. This also applies in our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service, where we ensure we use the right cleaning equipment and the right cleaning technique for a certain type of carpet. We also perform thorough and in-depth cleaning of carpets to ensure all dust and dirt are removed. Spot cleaning is done mainly in areas with stains to bring back its vibrancy.

After we received the call, we scheduled a site visit to the potential client’s commercial premises. The client agreed and we immediately sent out one of our experts. He noticed the synthetic carpet has stains here and there. The client stressed out that he wants all these stains away, he also pointed out the partition panels and lights to be cleaned thoroughly. While the panels are not that grimy, our expert noted that the lights look very dusty.

The site visit finished after a couple of hours of touring the area. We then formed a team assigned to this project and with the information we got from visiting the commercial building, we were able to create the best quote for the client. We thought that 1 cleaner can do massive cleaning for 5 hours – that’s how expert and skilled our cleaners are. Of course, we secured assistants to help out in case needed.

Our proposal was then sent to the client. It underwent the right process of picking a cleaning company and after few grueling days of waiting for a response, there we got it. The potential client called us again and informed us that he really liked our quote. He happened to do research on our track record as well and he said to be impressed by our past services. He immediately booked the service, paid the essential fees and now, we’re all just waiting for the scheduled cleaning date. Yes, another client bagged by FastKlean; next part of the program is to do quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning in London and hope this client calls us back again. Get more info.

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