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Carpet cleaning tips on how to clean chewing gum

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Everybody knows that carpet cleaning can be a difficult task to take care of on your own, especially
when there are little ones and pets running around every minute.  Your carpet can fall victim to all kinds of mess, but the one that we all loathe, and is easily the most unnecessary sticky item to have stuck into your precious carpet, has got to be chewing gum!

Attempting to removing chewing gum from your carpet may seem like an impossible nightmare.  However, it couldn’t be a simpler process.  Simply follow these helpful carpet cleaning tips and you’ll have that chewing gum out in no time.

All you need to successfully remove chewing gum from your carpet is a single cube of ice and a knife.

  • The first thing you must do is harden the chewing gum by stroking the cube of ice over it.  The longer you apply the ice the harder the gum will become, making it easier to remove.
  • Once the chewing gum is as hard as possible you could cut it away easily with a knife.
  • If the chewing gum is trodden into the carpet, making it awkward to cut away neatly with a knife, then try using scissors.

Carpets are very expensive to buy and install, but as lovely as they are, they need constant looking after. One tiny accident is enough to give your delicate carpet an ugly blemish.

A thorough carpet cleaning can be difficult if you don’t have the exact know-how and proper equipment required for the task.  The best option therefore is to call on a
cleaning company that specialises in carpet cleaning services.

We provide a variety of cleaning services to residential and commercial properties all over London. For carpet cleaning Covent Garden call 020 8884 9149 for a free quotation.

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