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Breaking the Mythology of Carpet Cleaning

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The most efficient way to prolong the lifespan of your carpet and maintaining the image of a perfect home is by hiring professional carpet cleaners in London.  However, while carpet cleaning services are growing steadily popular, there are a few misconceptions about carpet cleaning that put people off the idea.

Many people believe that cleaning the carpet causes permanent damage to it.

Of course, if you haven’t got the expert knowledge and are unaware that certain fabrics require different cleaning techniques, then cleaning the carpets yourself is a bad idea.
Here are some of the myths about carpet cleaning…

“Carpet cleaning causes the carpet to get dirty quicker”

This is one of the most common myths about carpet cleaning, most probably derived from people that have had bad experiences of cleaning the carpet themselves or receiving a sloppy carpet cleaning service from a so-called “expert”.  If a carpet shampoo isn’t rinsed out thoroughly it could cause a high amount of residue, which attracts dirt quickly.  Also, if the water isn’t extracted properly it could cause mildew to form.

“Carpet cleaning causes the carpet to shrink or stretch”

Before, carpets had a jute backing that would shrink and stretch if the carpet was too moist.  This caused the fabric to loosen, which ruins the carpet. These days, the jute backing is replaced by latex backing, which is unaffected by moisture.

Carpet cleaning companies in London provide their carpet cleaners with the latest cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning products that ensure your carpets are in safe hands.  Just like in any industry, carpet experts are always on the search for new and improved methods of carpet cleaning; often taking their inspiration from these myths and resolving the issues.

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