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Why a large Hotel in London chose FastKlean during a major renovation

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 When any large hotel considers a major renovation project, it is essential to the Directors that the work is completed within the anticipated timeframe. If not, each extra day means the hotel loses paying guests that could be happily enjoying their stay there. It is also vital that this work is not intrusive to other people staying at the hotel so any contractors chosen have to work to the highest standards.

At FastKlean we know all large renovation projects require significant cleaning as they are being completed. Building work generates a lot of dirt and dust all over the place. It is essential that adequate cleaning is planned at the outset to ensure each step of the renovation process is completed satisfactorily.

Fortunately the hotel company that booked our after builders cleaning service had this foresight! Before starting to renovate their rooms they contacted us. Having been in business for nearly two decades they knew we had the experience to manage this part of the project – after builders cleaning.  They also knew they trust us to ensure their other guests would not be affected by our work.

The FastKlean management team meticulously looked at the hotels plans and then devised an arrangement where the service would be carried out in stages: once the renovation of a certain floor were completed, our team would immediately start cleaning and ensure the job was finished within two days. This would be a challenging demand given the layout of the premises and the fact we had to liaise with a large number of building companies, from plasterers to electricians and painters.

Athenaeum Hotel Cleaning

However, our expertise and well-established methods once again proved to our client that their decision to contact us was the correct one. Not only did our on-site supervisors thoroughly assess the areas and brief the cleaning teams methodically, we also managed to overcome unforeseen obstacles such as the no-parking availability at and around the hotel. We know that there will always be some hidden problems, with any major job, that need to be addressed. We have encountered these many times before. We know just what to do to ensure our client’s demands and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

This particular job was completed over the course of 2 days, just as promised to our client. We did what we do best – clean to the highest possible standard in London. The hotel could not believe just how simple and stress free we made this process so immediately confirmed that we should continue to provide after builders cleaning for every floor after the renovation work had been finished. We, once again, proved our efficiency and expertise ensures difficult projects do not have to be a headache!

FastKlean welcomes any challenging projects like this and promises to deliver ever-improved cleaning services.

Image credits: Athenaeum Hotel

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