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After Builders Cleaning Service for Nursing Homes in North London

After Builders Cleaning

After Building Cleaners Can Remove All Dust And Debris From Your Home

Hello readers, here is another update from FastKlean Cleaning Company London.  Last week we were invited for a quote by a charity to clean three nursing homes in North London.

Our experienced cleaners will be performing after-builders cleaning services in three refurbished nursing homes.  They will be responsible for removing every last speck of dust and debris inside the new homes as well as performing carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Although the construction workers will clean up and sometimes vacuum after themselves before leaving a job, it won’t be a thorough clean and there will still be traces of dust and debris scattered about the place, even clinging to the windows or embedded into the carpet.

In a building where vulnerable people like senior citizens live, dust can be very dangerous in large quantities, or there might be a pried rusty nail left on the floor that could easily be trod on by bare feet.  This could be very dangerous as the older we get the more prone we are to infections and respiratory problems.

Construction cleaners can remove all of these hazards and leave the place sparkling and above all safe for our elderly.

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