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10 October 2011
client reviewsCleaner was on time, friendly, a very good cleaner. I was particularly impressed with how well he cleaned the shower.
Nikki Whitelock

05 October 2011
Cleaners were Really good and saved my bacon, people in the office were Friendly and helpful. Given the nature of our encounter I will always have positive things to say. Fantastic turn around and great service. We passed our inventory so thanks. Luke Till

04 October 2011
I was very very satisfied. very fast and efficient. very clean, did not require supervising. very pleased with the job.
It was easy to call and make and appointment.
Yasaman Zokai

04 October 2011
I was very happy with the service i received and the quality of the work. I was happy with all aspects of the service.. The support, clearical staff and the workman were polite and helpful.
Shazia Ahmed

03 October 2011
the cleaner was brilliant…i hope she’s paid well as she deserves it! and the admin support was good too.
Thanks, Jaime

03 October 2011
Cleaners were very good, she worked hard, polite. Very thorough. A job well done.
Kind regards, Gordon

28 Sep 2011
Very good: a great expert on bathrooms especially!
I had a very friendly initial discussion with the booking agent. Kind regards, Lesley

27 September 2011
You are doing a very good job and we are happy for your support.
Kind Regards,
Sam Perez

27 September 2011
The lady sent to me was did a fantastic job, worked really hard and was very thorough indeed. Communication was good, and someone even called to explain that my cleaner was running late due to transport difficulties and would be with me shortly.
Lindsey Amrani

26 September 2011
I was very happy with the young man that came and cleaned my carpets on Saturday.
He was clean, wearing his badge, he left a business card and he was very polite.
Christine Yesil

21 September 2011
Niki came to clean our house. She did a great job, she was extremely diligent and a nice person. The house has never been that clean. if we were to use your company’s services, we would definitely ask for the same person as she was fantastic.
People on the phone were really helpful and nice.
Sophie Julienne

21 September 2011
Cleaner was excellent very happy with cleaning.
Thank you,

18 September 2011
Hi there, I was very satisfied with the way you cleaned my carpets the other day. The operative was friendly and extremely helpful. I asked him for a business card, and he handed one to me. I would definitely use your company again when the need arises. Michael Bloom.

18 September 2011

I used your services on Friday, 16 September 2011 for a funeral service in Mayfair. You sent over a young woman called Violetta. She was absolutely professional, competent, charming and efficient – in fact, she left the reception area we used cleaner than it had likely ever been – ever. I will not hesitate to use your company again and to request her for future bookings. Violetta was a joy and I cannot recommend her enough.
Erinn Kindig

16 September 2011 15:49
I would like to say that your cleaners are very good and also that Lydia who took my initial call and provided me with excellent customer service after enquiring about what your company offers. I will definitely use your services again.

13 September 2011
Cleaner was very thorough and polite. Overall the communication was great, I am happy with the service!
Nina Loi

Cleaning operative worked very hard and also had a smile on her face which is nice change and she arrived on time. The management was very helpful and would use the service again. Giles Heather

09 September 2011
I thought they were excellent, very willing to listen and they really did a good job. The service was very good. I have been a client for a number of years and continue to be happy with the service I received. Carol Rawlings

08 September 2011

The cleaner did an excellent job. He was good and really helpful.
Thank you, Jenefer Brett

07 September 2011

Hi, I have the same comments as last time – the service was great – really appreciated. Diana was very hard working, and we will certainly use FastKlean again.
Thanks, Mark

06 September 2011
Cleaning operative was Lubo. He is excellent. I have used him before and as always he is very professional and friendly. Goli Nili

05 September 2011
I was very happy with your service and George in particular.
Marina Herold

Monday, 5 September 2011
Veselina was really excellent and needed virtually no assistance having been here before. She is very thorough and has a keen eye for detail. Regards, Shula

05 September 2011 21:07
The cleaner I had was very good – very professional, polite and did a great job!
She was wearing the company vest and she left a business card. Catherine MURPHY

04 September 2011

All was fine as usual. The Cleaners and the management is absolutely fine!
Thanks. Chris Heaume

04 September 2011
The cleaner we had was very good. She arrived promptly and got on with the job. Her cleaning standards were very good and I was impressed with her work. I believe her name was Jana.
I have been fairly impressed with the administrational and management support. All staff I spoke to were helpful. Overall I was satisfied with the customer service I received and I was very satisfied with the cleaner – she did a good job.
Thanks for your assistance.
Katie Balcombe

02 September 2011
Your cleaners are Excellent, very efficient and polite
The booking agents was very Helpful and pleasant though we did have to re-arrange the time more than once at your request .Overall though I found you very pleasant to deal with.
Best regards, Jennifer

1 September 2011, 10:21
Cleaner was polite and efficient. He worked very hard and showed initiative and perseverance, and followed direction cheerfully. My flat is sparkling!
The management is VERY efficient and polite. I was very impressed.
I would certainly use you again – though I had an especially good deal through Groupon.
Alison Catchpole

30 August 2011 09:50
Cleaner was very friendly and professional.
Many thanks!
Markus Etter

19 August 2011
The cleaner was a very nice lady, very polite and professional
The management support was good. I am very pleased with the service.
Marta Chicano

09 August 2011
“George” – excellent, pleasant, helpful, hard- working, would be pleased to have him back.
Regards, Ruth Greenwood

09 August 2011

The cleaner was very good and very nice person. Done a very good job
Administrational and management support -Very well done and very supportive.
Thought it the company was great and very good with the order I placed.
Alex Camilleri

6 August 2011
Cleaning operatives – very nice girl
Administrational and management support – very good
Company in general- very good
Mrs Miles

2 August 2011

Cleaning operatives -Good, thorough job, punctual.
Administrational and management support – Good
Company in general- Good,
Best regards,
Jeff Payne

08 August 2011
Nazim was extremely friendly, polite and professional.
The management support -Responsive, good telephoine manner and helpful.
Company in general – Efficient and professional.
Justin Gilbert

02 August 2011 11:52
Cleaner was great!
Kind regards, Caroline

04 August 2011 21:53
He was very good and worked very thoroughly. Very detailed. The management support was very clear and professional. Overall I was very pleased with him and the service with you. Thank you.
Gary Fannin

03 August 2011 12:32
The cleaning was well done.
Thanks, Gisella

02 August 2011 19:39
Peschka was amongst the best cleaners I have experienced.
Kind regards, Zena

02 August 2011 18:25
The lady who cleaned our house was amazing. She did such a great job, she did more than I expected in my mind.
I bought this service through Groupon or Living Social (sorry I can’t remember) and I would actually consider using the service again.
Vanessa and Mert Karakilic

02 August 2011 16:50
Cleaning operatives- good. Very good management- no problems. I spoke to a very helpful person on the telephone when I originally called. No problems with the company in general and i would use FastKlean again
Toni Newman

02 August 2011 15:16
1. Cleaning operatives- Very good
Administrational and management support – Very good
Company in general- Very good
Rob Dalling

Thursday 21st July 2011
Your cleaning operative was excellent and worked to a very high standard, we could not fault her. We would use your services again. -Stephen Mccarrick

Thursday 14th July 2011
The result of the cleaning was super. The cleaner was very friendly and efficient.
Tina Mendelsohn

Thursday 14th July 2011
The cleaner was polite and well presented. All communication and information was satisfactory and efficient. FastKlean seem very efficient and communicative.
When things were running late I was informed of every step and apologies were given. I would use you the cleaning services again. Angela Aung

Thursday 14th July 2011
The cleaning operatives were polite, punctual and completed all tasks requested Administrational and management support provided good communication from booking to follow up. I would use the cleaning services again. Jennifer Mcneil

Monday 11th July 2011

The cleaning operative was friendly, and seemed to be very industrious.
The Administrational and management support was very efficient and the telephone service was very thorough.Darell Carey

Monday 11th July 2011

Your cleaning operatives are generally very good. They are always polite and obliging. The administrational and management support is excellent; everyone is very understanding when dealing with a complaint and are very obliging to help deal with the complaint to a satisfactory conclusion. Overall, the company in general is very good. Richard Rajamogan

06 July 2011

Cleaners were very good and thorough. The Management was extremely helpful and efficient. Company in general is very professional. I use the cleaner service which is top class. I was particularly impressed with the way the team found a replacement for the person who was ill. Catherine Passmore

Mon, 20 Jun 2011
Cleaner was was professional, systematic and discreet… Peter Roach

04 July 2011
The cleaning operatives were very well presented and helpful. Good administration support. I’m very pleased with company in general, Stephanie Bishop

03 July 2011
Your cleaner was great! He did a very good and nice job!
Dario Caldara

27 June 2011 11:42
Dear FastKlean, The service was good – the carpets look a million times better!
Kind regards, Alvarez-Scott, Maria

27 June 2011
Your cleaning operatives are brilliant. The person who did the booking for me was very friendly. Amanda Morris

24 June 2011
Dear FastKlean,
The feedback I have received from the letting agent and my handyman have been very favourable and I would like to thank the company and the staff who took part in the cleaning for doing an excellent job! I took a risk in using a new company to clean the property and it paid off. Thanks again. Angelique Reid

24 June 2011
Thank you for your services, on the whole they were good and we were pleased with the result. Thank you,
Jamina Ward

24 June 2011

Cleaner was great, thank you very much. She did a good job in considering she only had 4 hours.
Thanks, Emma Plumbe

20 June 2011
We are happy with your services. Cleaner on the day was very good!
The overall result was good!
Maya Popovic – Biereth

21 June 2011
Hi there, I was extremely happy with the service provided by the cleaners, my home was absolutely spotless following the post-tenancy cleaning – cleaner than when I moved in! They far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend your services to anyone.
Regards, Ngaire Wallace

20 Jun 2011
Cleaners were very efficient and professional. They managed well as they just got on with the cleaning. Company in general seems pretty ok.
Rosemary Wellman

20 June 2011

I’ve recommended you to my letting agents who were very interested to find that you are cheaper than their current provider.
Audrey Yvernault

17 June 2011
Cleaner did a good job. The management support was good, followed through on emails and contacted with queries. Company has a very good level of professionalism. Elliot Lund

16 June 2011
She was professional and friendly and worked hard, the company is very professional, and efficient.
Helen Sewell

15 June 2011

Lubo was excellent, thank you.
Eric Janssen

14 June 2011
Absolutely delighted with the cleaner. She worked her full 4 hours and did everything to a very high standard. Worked very hard
I would use FastKlean again based on this experience – was very impressed.
I was delighted with the service yesterday, the cleaner worked exceptionally hard, and really cared about the quality of her work.
Andrea Tighe

14 June 2011 15:15
Wonderful, 10 everywhere , love , Rosamund Oudart

14 June 2011
Sorry, I don’t have time for details in the questionnaire, but she was great, pleasant and cooperative, did a good job, wore T shirt, badge and left a card.
Best regards, Magda Walter

10 June 2011
Cleaning operatives are very good, just got on with it, the management support was excellent, each time I called was greeted and given information requested. I was very impressed. Olga French

10 June 2011
Service was excellent and the test is that I will certainly call again next time I need cleaning work.Briar Wood

09 June 2011

I really liked Lyubo he was v polite, incredibly friendly, tidy and efficient
Zinnia Angus

08 June 2011
As always Lubbo was fantastic and did a great job – the carpets look 100 times better. We always find your company courteous and efficient hence always coming back to you and recommending you to friends.
Many thanks again.
Kind regards, Lizzie Ferry

07 June 2011

Cleaning operatives were extremely good. The lady who attended my apartment is a credit to your company.
Guittet-Carriere, Baptiste

06 June 2011

Cleaners were very friendly, polite and hardworking lady. The carpet cleaner was very friendly and professional, too. Quick and uncomplicated – I’m very pleased with the phone agent.
Julien Streun

03 June 2011

FastKlean service was great, the person that came worked very well and yes i would use this service again. Special offers are good.
Jashu Thanawala

02 June 2011

The staff performed well and willingly.
John Phillips

1 Jun 2011 < br />
Cleaning operatives were friendly easy to communicate with. Administrational and management support was sufficient. The company was easy to deal with and smooth process.
Simon Yuen

01 June 2011
The cleaner was hardworking, nice, efficient.
Very good service. The administrational and management support was Good, quick and reliable.
Sergio Ataz

31 May 2011
The cleaner was good. Arrangement was quick and time spend speaking to the support team was minimal. The company is very professional.
Ram Achandran

30 May 2011
The cleaners were fantastic and did a great job. They worked hard and followed instructions well. I would definitely use you again, and would be happy to recommend you to friends.It was a very easy process – thank you!Emma Cooke

The company in general is fine, your operatives are very good, too! Tara Shaw

The company is really very good! I used to get regular fortnightly cleaning and I preferred your company to do my last end- of- tenancy cleaning session as I am moving in another country now. It was pleasure to have you by my side for so long! Kind regards, Claire Yin
Hello, my name is Erica Davis. I hired your company for a ‘Spring Cleaning’ service this morning at my flat. I have just returned home to find my flat is looking absolutely fantastic! I am very pleased with the service I received so I wanted to thank you very much for a job well done! You should be very pleased to have such great staff. Regards, Erica Davis

Everything was great, excellent, no problems.Michael Jelen

26 May 2011

I left loads of ironing and I’m sure my cleaning operative did 3 hours worth. It was great to get service at short notice and it was very helpful for me, going into hospital the next day.
Rachel Collins

24 May 2011

My Cleaner turned up early and was cleaning very well and with speed. She even had another extra 20 minutes spare to ask me if I wanted anything done in particular. Was friendly and professional. She knew exactly what to do and just got on with it. I would certainly use you again if your cleaners are as good as the one that I got! Johanna Ranthe

23 May 2011

The cleaning operative was great. Lady I had worked very hard and flat looks very clean now. Thank you! The management support was very good, too.
Isabel Wakely

20 May 2011

Was really easy to arrange the booking over the phone. I’m Very impressed as could fit in a cleaner when asked for with only two days notice. I was very impressed by the standard of cleaning. It was a very professional job and I was very pleased! Katherine Harrison

19 May 2011

Ludmila was excellent and did an extremely good job. The management support was very satisfactory. We have used you before and we would use you again. Yours sincerely

19 May 2011
The Cleaning operatives are Good, on time and professional and did a good job, the administrational and management support -Good , easy and efficent
Farhad Koodoruth

19 May 2011
There were no problems with the Cleaning operatives, the management and the company in general for me. They were all very polite and friendly. Lisa Klautke

18 May 2011
Sonya was very friendly and easy to explain things to. She worked quickly and efficiently whilst at my house. I arranged my clean and then had to change the date. This was dealt with quickly and professionally by the admin person on the phone. I was impressed by the amount if derail in the confirmation email and the reminder email. The company is very professional and I can trust. Danielle Davis

18 May 2011

Cleaning operatives are very satisfying. Administrational and management support is very well structured. So far pretty satisfied with the company.Kind regards, Thea

10 May 2011
The girls were pleasant, willing and efficient. Overall we were pleased with your service, especially at such short notice, and would use you again.
Hilary and Harvey Leigh

10 May 2011

The company in general is very good and the management as well.

10 May 2011
Your cleaning operative EMIL was Very good indeed, best carpet cleaner I’ve had. The Administration and management support were Very good, prompt and efficient. I was impressed that the phone lines were open and staffed on a Saturday. Ruth Greenwood

09 May 2011

I was happy with the cleaner as she was punctual, friendly and extremely thorough.
Considering the administrational and management support I would describe them just as excellent. I’m very impressed with the standard of cleaning and the professionalism of the company. Nicola Hannan

09 May 2011

Just wanted to say that we were very happy with Jolinkas work on Saturday. She was brilliant. Kind regards, Csilla jay hamington

06 May 2011

I am very pleased with the cleaning of my carpet. The whole process was very efficient from the confirmation and advice of payment emails to the excellent service by the cleaner. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends. Thank you for your efficient and friendly service! Mrs Sue Smith

30 April 2011
I would like to express my thanks to Valerie who came to clean our home on Friday. He was prompt, polite, enthusiastic, helpful and such a pleasure to have around. He was able to finish everything that I asked him to get done in the four hours and left everything looking like brand new.
Sophia Bailey

28 April 2011
Cleaners were very polite and professional. The company image is very positive- communication has been clear and relevant.
Barrie McCloskey

14 April 2011

Cleaners were excellent, the management was very friendly and helpful
It was easy to deal with, gave me exactly what I asked for in regards to arrival
time and how long he cleaner could stay. Linda Gordon

12 April 2011

I was very happy with the service
Many thanks,
Sophia Roberts

The cleaners (my regular one and the holiday cover) were very efficient and reliable. I was very pleased with the standard of their work. The management support is always prompt and helpful. Jonathan Kerry

01 April 2011
I have been very satisfied with the service, from my initial call to the visit itself and will be using your company’s services again. Thank you. Valerie Stogdale-Wilson

Fri, 1 Apr 2011

Cleaner was lovely. An angel
Administrational and management support – Brilliant.
Elizabeth Chase

19 Mar 2011

Nikolinka was very friendly and I was very happy with the cleanliness of our flat when I came back. She was very thourough. I am happy with the quick rate of response and choice of dates. Lisa Havranek

21 March 2011
Cleaners were friendly, polite and followed instructions well. I’m happy with the service provided by the company, easy to contact and quick to respond. Natalie N. Francis

21 March 2011
Cleaners did a very good job. Administrational and management support were very good, helpful and informative. Ruth Galloway

Wed, 2 March, 2011
The cleaners were good; they managed to do a good job in the 2 hour period, particularly the oven, which was a big job & one I couldn’t do because I’m pregnant
It was easy to book the job and easy to re-schedule.Siobhan Wootton

11 March 2011

Brilliant service, lovely lady came round to clean, very thorough, polite and easy to get on with. Nik maroney

08 March 2011

Dear Sir,
I am writing to show my appreciation for the work done in cleaning the carpets in my flat. Your employee was courteous and efficient. I am very grateful.
Your faithfully, Monica Biscoe

4 March 2011
The cleaner was very professional and the service was excellent. I will definitely use you again. The cleaner wore id and a company t-shirt. I’m very pleased with the service and will be recommending it to my friends. Jane

4 Mar 2011

Cleaners were on time, friendly and did a great job. Scott Varley

01 March 2011
Cleaning operative arrived promptly, was very polite and considerate. Worked quietly and diligently for the whole four hour period without taking a break. Once I did speak to an administrator they were very helpful and arranged the appointment very professionally. The quality of the claiming done was very high, so yes I would use the service again. Ezechie, Penny

23 February, 2011
The cleaner was fantastic. Extremely thorough and conscientious and I couldn’t be happier. Wish I could afford her on a regular basis and that there had been more time. Alison Rose

22 February 2011
Cleaners were very polite and efficient. Left place looking very tidy and cleaning thorough enough. The care agents were effective enough. Alex Harrington-Griffin

22 February 2011
I was pleased with the work . The work is first class and Luke did a great job. Thank you, Margaret Carroll.

Fri, 18 Feb 2011
The cleaners were excellent, the house was very well cleaned by Reni
Michael Ford

18 February 2011
Hi, everything was very organised and professional, all the people I came into contact with were very nice and helpful I didn’t notice the guys t-shirt and he didn’t leave me a card but I would use you again thanks. Polly Chetwynd Stapylton

14 February 2011

The cleaners were efficient and conscientious. Delivered above expectations.
Booking process was good with helpful staff on the phones. The call to advise that the cleaning operative had been delayed but was on her way was also appreciated. Our experience with the company in general was good. Price, Katie

11 February 2011
I am delighted with the cleaning service. The cleaner was polite, hard working and extremely thorough. I bought the service as a Groupon offer, as a one off treat for myself. Unfortunately it is beyond my budget to have a regular cleaner, however, if I needed a one off clean in the future I would definitely give you a call.
kind regards
Cornelia Wilson

06 February 2011

Very friendly cleaner. Excellent work, thank you.Mr Chloe

06 February 2011
Very nice people and well organized, thank you ! Anu Kashyap-Mulukutla

Sat, 5 Feb 2011

The cleaner was polite and efficient. The care agents were helpful and provided the level of support I expected. This is only my first experience of working with FastKlean, but I would consider using them again. The service is good and managed in a professional manner. Pritie Patel

Thursday, 3 February, 2011
She was very pleasant, efficient and hard-working. The administration was very helpful on the telephone. The company in general seems professional. Sheikh, Zaf

30 January 2011

Cleaner was very polite and friendly and did an excellent job. Many thanks, Nikki Webster

19 Jan 2011
The cleaner was a lovely lady – very pleasant! Worked hard and did a great job! Thank you, Karen Cotton

19 January 2011

Hello. The cleaner was excellent. Thank you! Helen Nicolas

18 January 2011
I was not at the property when the cleaning took place and have not seen the results but the tenant seems really very happy with the state of the property. The administrative support was also good. Thanks -Badcock, James

17 January 2011
Cleaning operatives did excellent job. All was fine and easy to deal with. Great job, great value. Eric Janssen

15 January 2011

Cleaning operatives were efficient and friendly. The administrational and management were Very polite and helpful, particularly as we had to reschedule. Company in general is very good, efficient and a good standard of cleaning. Katie Fuller

17 January 2011

The cleaner was Very polite and friendly, and turned up early which was great. Did a very good, very thorough job. I would recommend him and the service to my friends. The carpet looks amazing! The management support was Great – good communication and prompt service. Company in general is Very good – we have a fortnightly cleaner, and have had a spring clean in the past as well – so we’re very happy with the services provided. Kendall, Danielle

15 January 2011

The cleaner was great – very friendly and polite. The management support was at excellent service. Very professional. Gaz and Don

11 January 2011
My cleaner did an excellent. I believe his name was Valerie– and I would definitely have him clean our house again. Thank you very much. Margaret Wilkerson

Thanks for arranging for the cleaners at short notice. If I am to be truthful, we did feel they were excellent! They were really thorough and excellent!
Sharmini de Saram

14 December 2010
All excellent, very pleased. Yes I’ll use you again. Can’t remember what he was wearing. Regards, Jackie

28 November 2010
Dear FastKlean
The clean carried out at my apartment was excellent. Thank you and I will recommend you to others.
Having Lalo at my flat, he was excellent.
Nicholas Hambi

21 November 2010
I am very much satisfied with your level of operational support. Would I use you again and what is my opinion about the service you provide? Yes, and I telephoned your office whilst he was here to say how very pleased we were with the service.

Bryn Williams

21 November 2010
Excellent services, very competitive prices and very eager & friendly stuff; Thank you.
Marcos Constantinou

18 November 2010
Just waiting for a new cheque book then I’ll send the reminder of Tuesdays clean to you.
Can I also take this opportunity to say how very professional Diana was, I would definitely love to have her clean for me again. After my last experience with your company I was in doubt over booking you again but she really was fantastic.
Best, Mrs C. Pinsent

07 November 2010
Cleaners were punctual. I am satisfied with your level of operational support. Thank you. – Cathy Cocklin

28 May 2010
I just wanted to thank you so much for your services I received from your company today, I am 8 1/2 mnths pregnant an your services have helped me immensely I can’t thank you enough your employee Boyan was great thank you. – Tasha Rocher

25 May 2010
He looked remarkably smart, both when he arrived and when he left, despite the great heat of the day. I will definitely use you again and am impressed by the overall service. We would be happy and interested to hear of anything. – Denise Prior

24 April 2010
I have received your email and he has just completed the cleaning and I have paid him the balance of £30.00.
He was very prompt, polite and gave me some advice on leather care. I would use your company again and recommend you to friends. Many thanks, Joanne Wood

23 Feb 2010
We always use you for carpet cleaning and find FastKlean reliable, thorough and always pleasant. We would not be a repeat customer unless we were satisfied with the services provided. – Anna O’Regan

04 February 2010
I’m afraid I wasn’t actually on site when you’re cleaner came to do the windows but I know my boss was very impressed with the work done. The operative was punctual and efficient and I think we were happy with the fee charged. I’m afraid I don’t think I can add anything else. – Sarah Davison

07 December 2009
I was going to call and rave about your service – it was fantastic! My windows gleam and my carpet looks new (plus the red wine stains have gone). I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know. I also want to investigate a weekly / fortnightly cleaner for the new year. Is it possible to send me some information? Thanks. – Beth Pridmore

05 November 2009
I would just like to say the carpet clean was very good. Thank you. – Priya Shah

23 Jun 2009
I just wanted to let you know the cleaner today did a very good job and was very thorough and I am very pleased with her.
Please pass on my apologies for not being here when she left as I would have loved to thank her personally…. – Rushna Aman

26 November 2008
Thank you for your letter and we would like to say that we are very pleased that Zhivka Petkova comes to our church to do the work we need. Zhivka has been with us for over two years and has always worked very well and very hard, and we regard Zhivka as a colleague and friend. – Nigel Sharp

13 April 2008
Thank you very much for arranging this. Galya and Neshe were fantastic. Most helpful, professional and efficient. All the guests complimented the impeccable service they provided. I would certainly use your service again and recommend it to others. Regards, Pauline Gormley

21 November 2007
We were happy with the service provided. – Arlo Dew

19 November 2007
I was very happy with the service and the guy spent a few hours doing this. He did a very thorough job. – Ana Contos

24 May 2007
I am e-mailing in relation to the cleaning service provided by the your company to us yesterday morning. I was really very impressed with the standard of cleaning when I returned to the flat in the evening. The flat looked great and the attention to detail was much appreciated. The lady who cleaned our premises, (according to the e-mail sent yesterday it was Aneta) is to be congratulated, she did an excellent job and I would be grateful if this note could please be passed on to those people who monitor her performance. She is a credit to your company. I will definitely be recommending your service to friends. – Reena Rollason

04 January 2007
Just wanted to add to the comments I made on the sheet. We were really impressed with the service and with Lyudmil. He was excellent. We will definitely recommend you to others. – Gill Moody

14 Dec 2004
Thank you for cleaning my carpets, your operator was extremely good, and I’m so pleased with the cleaning, I will use you again in about 6 month’s time. – Gillian Nilsen

31August 2004
Daisy came and did a Spring Clean of my flat. I just wanted to let you know that she did a fantastic job and we were really impressed with the thoroughness of her work. Thanks very much, will certainly use you again. – Sheila Chatrath

15August 2004
Desi, from your company, cleaned my place beautifully today. Thank you.- Aron Gersh

02 August 2004
Hi, I had one of your cleaners clean my flat. They did a great. Many thanks for a great service – I will recommend you in the future. – Douglas Bryson

05 April 2004
Thank you for doing an excellent job cleaning our carpet and sofa last Thursday. – Naomi Sherry

“Dear FastKlean
The clean carried out at my apartment was excellent. Thank you and I will recommend you to others.
Having Lalo at my flat, he was excellent.”

Nicholas Hambi

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service provided by your company today. The carpets are looking much better and this is quite an achievement as they are old and well-worn. When the sofa and chair dry out I am sure they will look very clean and fresh. I think your personnel are professional as Zvez knows what he is doing, is neat and tidy, well-spoken and considerate about my furnishings. Thanks again and I will recommend your company to others.” Kind regards L F – 13/07/2010

“I am pleased to report that we are delighted to date with your cleaning services. Your staff are punctual, helpful, honest
and are doing an excellent job. May we also add, then when we requested additional help at short notice, you were only too obliging to help and so far we are very pleased with your services.”
Alan Charles

“- Have we provided you with a good service? Yes, completely. I cannot stress how much I appreciate Nadia’s efforts. She always comes when she says she will, and the house is always spotless after she has been there. I would be very happy to recommend her to anyone else. She is simply terrific, and very much appreciated.Thank you”

“We are very pleased with your services and wish to continue using your company for the foreseeable future.” Sanya

“I am very impressed with FastKlean. The staff are reliable, pleasant and do a great job. I have recommended FastKlean to my friends.” H.O’S

“1. Are your cleaning standards met?

They are – all the cleaners you have supplied have been excellent.

2. Is our staff punctual?

Yes – and if Ati needs to change her time or day she always rings first to check we are OK with it.

3. Are our agreed timescales met?


4. Are you satisfied with our standards of administration?

Yes, very

5. Have we provided you with a good service?

You have always provided us with a very good service, efficient and helpful and the cleaners you provide have all been excellent ” Carol Rawlings

“FastKlean has always given an excellent cleaning service. I would recommend FastKlean to anyone.” K.K.

“FastKlean is very reliable and efficient. The girls are hard working, honest, well trained and pleasant.
I would highly recommend this service.” S.B.

“Very friendly efficient and professional service.” L.N.

“I can confirm that a very good job has been done regularly.” S.Q.

“I have employed FastKlean services for the purpose of domestic cleaning. I have employed them for over a year now.” S.M.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that we have been more than happy with the service provide for us.” G.T.

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