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client reviewsI think FastKlean are fantastic and I will definitely use you again. The only thing is that the cleaners were an hour late but I understand that they got lost on the way which is fine.
Excellent service and very happy with the quality of the cleaning. It always seems to take a long time and the flat doesn’t get entirely finished but I appreciate that this is because they do such a thorough job.

ALL TOP SCORES, our cleaner was great and we are VERY pleased (exceeded hopes) with the price and the service. We will use again.
Kindest regards,

1. Cleaning operatives are Efficient, friendly and professional.
Administrational and management support -I was kept well informed, friendly and professional. I would recommend it to others, impressive servce.
Rache Kerr

Your cleaning lady arrived on time, worked very hard and cleaned systematically. There were a few communication problems just due to level of spoken English, but her work was very very good.
Administrational and management support – Very easy to book, very enjoyable to talk to when I phoned to confirm. I’m impressed compared to other agency I’ve used in London
We plan to use FastKlean for another thorough clean in a few months time.
Rebecca Nicholls

Cleaning operatives are Great – efficient and friendly.
Administrational and management support is Fine, although really haven’t had much cause to use.
Company in general is Fine – support is there when needed

Administrational and management support – Brilliant, Nina in particular went above and beyond when it came to resolving a problem with the cleaning
Sally Crane

Carpet cleaner was quick, professional and efficient.
Mustafa Ozer

The cleaning operative was very good and polite.
I was well informed from the point of contact as to what was happening, when and how.
I unable to comment on the company in general, however, I found the website very clear.
David Daniels

All your cleaners are Briliant! Really efficient, friendly, good English. Couldn’t be happier with the job she did. Would you use us again and if not could you advise us on how to improve the service? Absolutely! Waiting for someone to be in touch with me about regular domestic cleaning?

I WAS NOT dissatisfied with their cleaning. Company in general was fine.
Malcolm Oliver.

All perfect thank you. Will definitely use you again.
Angus Allen

Cleaning operatives they were amazing, so sweet and polite. They did a job well done. Administrational and management support was good. Company in general was good
Mia Thomas

Company in general very good. I will be using your services again in the future.
Ross Nicholls

Cleaning operatives are very polite, on time and efficient.
Administrational and management support – all the people I spoke to booking the appointment were so helpful and efficient. Best customer services
Company in general – 5 stars. I will use your services again.
Sarah Shove

Dear FastKlean,
Thank you for the service; we were very pleased with everything. We would definitely use you again.

I was very impressed with cleaner and all round service. I cannot remember if cleaner wore a name card. I think he had a shirt. He may have shown ID to my mum as she answered door to him. I’d to my mother. Cleaner was very polite and understanding and sensitive (as my mum has dementia) He gave me an invoice.
Yes I would use your company again.
Maria Griffin

Thanks for sending me the survey. I am sorry but on the day of the cleaning, 21st Wednesday, I was moving house and too busy to remember whether your employee
wore a T-shirt, or had an id card etc. He was nice however, and made a brilliant
job of our kitchen which was very dirty. He was honest, polite and very thorough.
I would recommend him and your company to anyone, and if you operate in the
Ware area, would certainly hope to use FastKlean again.
Hope this helps,
Sally Warrington

I have used FastKlean before and have always been happy with the service…if I have a criticism, it would be that this time I felt unsure of a male operative, but he proved very capable. The booking process was simple and the staff were very helpful. I found it difficult to communicate with the operative as he spoke very little english, but through the use of gestures we got there in the end!!! I have already recommended FastKlean to a friend.
Audrey Barnet

I am very pleased with your services.
I am pleased with how quick your administrative team was responding to my emails with regards to queries about the services.
Also happy with the fact that your company called me to say that the cleaner needed an extra hour to finish the flat as there was a lot of stuff in the premises. It was a very professional call. Not complaining about my stuff but letting me how that the cleaner could work another hour to finish with the services requested.
The cleaner did not want to be paid at home in cash when we agreed that I was going to settle the account in cash. However this is just a minor set back.
As mentioned, very happy with your services which I am going to recommend.
With kind regards and many thanks in advance
Mercedes Caballer

Cleaning operatives are very professional and nice
Administrational and management support – the person I talked to on the phone a couple of times, Nina, is very cordial and helpful.
Company in general – Good impression with service and product
Amy Bishop

Cleaning specialist are excellent. Georgi was polite, punctual, well-informed and thoughtful. I was very overwhelmed. His work was outstanding. Administrational and management support – Prompt, personal and effective. An invoicing mistake was dealt with quickly and accurately. From what I have seen, one to be recommended. Yes, promptly I will use you again for sure.
Ruth Clarke

I thought the standard of cleaning was excellent, our cleaner did a really good job. I’ve answered the other questions below.

Yes I was very pleased with the cleaning service. Georgi was prompt, very well-organized and well-mannered. He left me a business card and offered me an invoice for the 50% cash balance payment I made to Georgi, which I declined. On the way out one of my neighbours stated an notice in having his carpets cleaned. Georgi gave him a business card so my neighbour could arrange to have his carpets cleaned. I would surely mention your cleaning company and cleaners to anyone who wants their carpets cleaned.

FastKlean come every few weeks when I recognise I am not keeping up with the house cleaning and have a visitor coming or a party. They go top to bottom and leave it all shiny. No worry, very consistent, and only £60 or so. Peace of mind and a few spare hours!
Chris Heaume

Your cleaners ? fantastic and hardworking, very concerned to do a good job. Worked very hard! and very personable too.
Audrey Riley

Your cleaners are extremely skilled – Maria did an excellent job and I would be happy to use her services again. Administrational and management support are Excellent
Company in general is excellent. I definitely would use this service again.
Cristopher Rene

I was unfortunately late for work yesterday as the cleaner only arrived at my property at 9:10, which was not a great start. However, I have to say the standard of the cleaning work was excellent, my home felt really thoroughly clean. The lady cleaner that came I said she was only going to be there an hour and a half and I wasn’t sure how she was going to get it all done but it was really well done. The guy that came first should take some cleaning lessons off her seeing as he was there for four hours but seemed to do a fraction of the work!
Thank you for rectifying the situation by sending another cleaner in, it is much appreciated.
Bryony Jones

Very efficient cleaning operatives and very helpful administrational and management support.
Your Company in general is very professional and would most definitely use again<
Kerry Kelly

I would just like to thank Diana Yurieva for the wonderful job she has done this morning at my father’s house – she didn’t stop all morning not even for a drink!
I will be in touch in the New Year to book regular cleaning for my parents.
Once again – a very big thank you to Diana and your cleaning company.
Deborah Louth

Very good cleaning workers. Outstanding administrational and management support.
Your Company in general is very proficient. I will certainly use your company again.
Raihan Abdul Rahman

Numerous thanks for the clean on Sunday, our handyman confirms that they did a amazing job.Very well-organized administrational and management support. I am pleased with the service received from the company in general. We have moved from the London area, but would recommend you always
Jenny Hopkins

I was mostly fascinated with the Cleaning Company’s decent administrational and managing care. They have professional cleaners in London, who are on time, welcoming and very good at their job.

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