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Micro fibre tools can also be used for window cleaning London

window cleaning London

window cleaning London

Minimising water usage is one of the best ways house cleaners can boost their environmentally-friendly credentials and minimise their carbon footprint.
According to Jani King cleaning professional David Dimarino, reducing the amount of liquid and harsh chemical used when cleaning helps house cleaners reduce any negative impact on the environment.
Speaking to, he explained that using a micro fibre tool instead of a mop and bucket is more efficient and eliminates the need to dump large amounts of water into the drain.

Mr Dimarino said micro fibre tools can also be used for window cleaning London as it removes the need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

“It doesn’t streak, it keeps everything compact, it’s washable [and] very easy to use,” he said.

Mr Dimarino recommended domestic cleaners to try using universal hydrogen peroxide cleaners, which can be used to clean areas ranging from the bathroom to the kitchen.

He stressed that this method is safe and is an effective way to remove stubborn stains and grime.

For all your window cleaning cleaning needs, please contact your local London cleaning agency.

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