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Let mum put her feet up this Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Professional CleanersIt’s Mother’s Day this weekend (Sunday March 11th) – a chance to show your mum just how much you appreciate everything she does for you, spoil her and let her put her feet up for a change.

Often, it’s not until we become parents ourselves that we begin to fully understand exactly how much our mums have done for us over the years; teaching us right from wrong, comforting us when we were ill, making everything seem better with a hug when we were sad, cooking for us, cleaning up after us and always being there for us and loving us unconditionally, no matter what.

In many families, mums are in charge, and while they’re never happier than when all the family is together on a Sunday eating, laughing, talking, catching up and spending quality time with each other, they can be at risk of ending up a little exhausted too.

They’re often the ones cleaning the house from top to bottom before the family descends on it, cooking a mouth-watering meal that caters to everyone’s tastes and requirements, making sure everyone’s got enough to eat, piling third helpings on to plates and then cleaning up again afterwards. We’re tired just thinking about it.

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day

So, on Mother’s Day, we propose that you treat your mum to a well-deserved break from her usual duties and let her enjoy the feeling of being looked after for once. If you’ve got the time, offer to take over the cooking of the usual family Sunday lunch and suggest hosting it at your home for a change, so that mum isn’t left with any of the clearing up afterwards.

You don’t need to go completely over the top with your Mother’s Day gift, as the classic flowers, chocolate, wine and a carefully chosen card will always be appreciated, but if you can afford it, a spa day where mum can really relax, unwind and enjoy some much-deserved pampering would also be a lovely gift.

Homemade gifts that you’ve put care and love into are another really nice idea. Bake a batch of your mum’s favourite biscuits, make her a bath bomb from essential oils or crochet her a flower brooch.

Give mum a week off

If you want to go the extra mile and think your mum deserves much more than just one day off considering everything she does for you and the rest of the family, treat her to a week off her usual housework and cooking duties.

Lots of us are pushed for time to complete our own household tasks already, but this doesn’t mean we can’t lend a helping hand to mum as well. For example, when you’re batch cooking your meals for the week for your freezer, do a few extra portions so your mum can have a couple of nights off from cooking.

Pop over with your cleaning supplies occasionally to help her out with the housework, or call in the professional cleaners from FastKlean to give her a week off, so she can spend more time on herself or relaxing with the family, rather than running around after everyone.

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