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Facts to consider before hiring a private cleaner

private-cleanerThere are so many cleaning companies these days – a lot of small companies, one or two-men companies, sole traders define themselves as companies, too. As a result, consumers get confused how to find a reliable, reputable and trustworthy cleaning company to grant access to their most precious to – namely, their home.

Many people have private cleaners as a way to save money. But are they actually saving? We bring to your attention only few facts you must consider prior to making this decision.

  • Firstly, they risk to have someone who does not know what to do, someone who is not trained, someone who works as a cleaner temporarily;
  • Secondly, could you really trust this person and assign them a key to your property – home is your place valuable and place where you can relax, do you trust someone that you don’t
    know to come to your home and be there when you are not there.
  • Thirdly, even if you are lucky to find a good cleaner to help you out, what you will do if they are not able to turn up when they are ill, or when they decide to go on holiday? Who would you call to cover the cleaner? Having your home unattended by the cleaner for weeks may result in the latter spending twice the time they usually do to catch up, once they return, and bring back the required crisp and healthy condition of your home which, to make things worse, may cost your dearly.

How about when they get so used to you and your family and start taking advantage of y
our hospitality. Or when you become friends and you don’t know how to point out to them if you are not happy with something? How about when they decide to leave and not to do cleaning any more. This is when you have to start looking out for another cleaner – time consuming and nerve-racking to search on-line or rely on the word-of-mouth asking friends. All this significantly increases the stress levels and may even affect your personal life.

Cleaning is a hard labour, few are those who aspire for it in the long-term. Life is stressful enough and you don’t need that to start searching again.

Private cleaners charge £10-£12 per hour. We charge the same – but what you get for the same money is much more.

Private cleaners – say no to private cleaners! Why?

  • No replacement while they are on holiday
  • Can’t tell the cleaner what you are not happy with
  • why – no supervisor to check the work
  • No customer service to depend on and express your opinion;
  • Nobody to cover absences or unexpected leave;
  • No insurance

Cleaning Company – why don’t you try us?

  • Cleaning CompanyComprehensively trained cleaners – passing theory and practical tests before meeting and working for clients
  • Liability – insured
  • Fully – vetted
  • Replacement cleaner to cover absence
  • Supervisor visit when it is necessary
  • Friendly and dedicated customer service
  • Account management for the whole duration of your contract;
  • Taking advantage of all other services that we offer:
  • Take 10% of gardening, rubbish clearance, oven, carpet, upholstery, window cleaning

Click here to see the infographic we created – cleaning company vs. private cleaner.

Think Private Cleaner…… think again.

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