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An expert has made a number of environmentally changes to his approach to domestic cleaning

domestic cleaning

domestic cleaning

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An expert has suggested that using natural cleaning products is one of the ways people can express their commitment to eco-friendliness.

Sustainable and energy-saving goods specialist Terry Black said he has made a number of environmentally-conscious changes to his approach to domestic cleaning and suggested that those keen on cutting their carbon footprint could following his example.

Writing in the Indianapolis Star, he explained that using natural detergents is also a good way to improve green credentials.

Mr Black went on to suggest that homeowners could consider keeping some foliage around the home in order to absorb airborne chemicals. This can be especially effective when place near a heat source.

“An eight-inch potted plant will vacuum chemicals out of the air twice a day,” he said. “It gives you oxygen and it needs the carbon dioxide that you exhale.”

Those keen on minimising the effects of harmful chemicals on the environment could also consider hiring the services of a professional cleaning agency, which will be able to carry out domestic cleaning tasks as efficiently as possible.

Speaking to Waff 48 News, paramedic Kenneth Burke recently warned domestic cleaners of the potential dangers of mixing hazardous chemicals.

London cleaning companies can provide a range of eco-friendly treatments for all your urgent needs.

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