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Professional Computer Cleaning and IT Equipment for London

computer cleaning

computer cleaning

Computer cleaning, PC cleaning services, IT equipment and computer rooms in London.

PC cleaning services is one of our specialities. With many years experience and a proven track record, we can confidently undertake all aspects of computer cleaning services. Whatever your needs we have the flexibility and knowledge to provide a cleaning programme to suit your individual requirements at prices you can readily afford.

A regular computer cleaning schedule to your controlled environments will prevent the build up of dust, dirt, static and greatly reduce the risk of expensive technical failures to your daily operations. Clean and hygienic office and IT equipment and computer rooms will greatly enhance your working environment.

Our computer clean service is thorough, efficient and cost effective and with a regular cleaning schedule, your computer equipment stays hygienic and retains its near-new appearance. There is a minimum disruption to your staff and we have a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

Our professional, fully trained and qualified technicians and specialists are able to thoroughly clean every piece of equipment in any office, including PC Units, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Telephones, Fax, Printers and etc. This is done by using the latest techniques and specialist PC equipment designed to improve the hygiene, reliability and safety of equipment, and of course only using approved computer cleaning products.

Each unit that is to undergo a full clean takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete and clean thoroughly.

How would your Organisation function if you had a major computer system failure due to contamination caused through a dirty environment or equipment?

The fan in a PC draws in dust, dirt, lint, and hair, causing overheating and corrosion on circuit contacts. This can lead to: Freeze ups – Corrupt files – System Errors – Computer Failure.

Reduce repair and replacement costs by investing in regular PC cleaning services, protecting the safety of your data. For as little as £12.00 per computer a cleaning program can help prevent your computer from failures costing hundreds to you or your company.

Please note that our computer cleaning price would vary and would be influenced by the amount of units required to be cleaned. We work for extremely competitive and cheap rates.

For a thorough clean of your IT equipment and computer rooms, call FastKlean – the computer cleaning specialists today!

Whatever your industry, size or location, FastKlean can provide you with a cost effective solution for PC cleaning services, IT equipment and computer cleaning.

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