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Staff asked commercial cleaners for help cleaning the hospitals

commercial cleaning London

commercial cleaning London

Medical staff at one of the UK’s top children’s hospitals have been asked to clean wards in their spare time.

Bosses at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool asked doctors and nurses including consultants and managers to help improve levels of cleanliness across the hospital’s wards outside working hours.

The call came ahead of a visit by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission, who had previously criticised the hospital’s hygiene standards back in April.

Unions said Alder Hey Children’s Hospital should employ the services of professional cleaning companies who are approprately trained instead of relying on highly skilled doctors and nurses.

Dr Jaswinder Bamrah, of the British Medical Association, said: “They are over-using a highly skilled workforce to do what they are not trained to do. They need to look at the issue of who is paid to do the cleaning and sort it out.”

She added that is important properly trained commercial cleaners are employed to clean Alder Hey Children’s Hospital otherwise patients could be exposed to serious infections such as C difficile or MRSA.

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