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The ultimate guide to cleaning your oven

Oven Cleaning Guide

The oven can be one of the grimmest parts of a home to clean. For keen cooks, it can be in use every day, several times a day, meaning there are many opportunities for bits of pastry, burnt cheese, dripping sauce and other chunks of food to end up stuck at the bottom.

For those who aren’t quite so confident in the kitchen, getting something stuck to the bottom of the oven can put you off using it for the foreseeable future. Then, next time you use it and the kitchen fills with a horrible smell of old burnt food and a load of smoke, you’re back at the start of your vicious cycle.

But why don’t we just clean our ovens so they’re hygienic and usable?

Oven-cleaning Brits ‘most-hated chore’

Well, cleaning the oven is officially the chore that Brits hate the most – even more than cleaning the loo.

Indeed, a 2016 poll carried out by Braun CareStyle found that cleaning the oven was the most-hated household task for 30 per cent of respondents, making it the chore that attracted the strongest overall response.

In comparison, cleaning the bathroom was the most-detested part of doing the housework for just 18 per cent of those questioned – when it’s put into perspective like that, that’s a lot of hate for cleaning the oven.

Of course, if you really despise having to kneel on the floor to scrub the inside of your oven, you can hire FastKlean’s experienced professional oven cleaning service to complete the task for you.

But if you want to give it a go for yourself first, here’s your ultimate guide to cleaning the oven – it’ll be worth it, trust us.

Cleaning the hob

It only needs your eyes to leave a pan for a few seconds for it to boil over and hot water, sticky sauce or a load of grease to end up all over your hob. This type of mess can be too hot to clean up safely straight away, meaning it can end up sticking to your hob, making it a nightmare to clear up.

When you do eventually get around to it, cleaning the hob isn’t exactly the most pleasant task, so we recommend arming yourself with rubber gloves before you get started, as getting bits of dirt and old food stuck under your fingernails will make the chore seem even worse.

Start by brushing away any pieces of food, so they won’t get in your way when you’re trying to clean the rest of the hob surface. Then, spray the hob with a kitchen cleaner, or apply warm, soapy water if you’d prefer, leaving it to soak in for a few moments before you attempt to wipe the mess away.

You might need to repeat this process a few times, taking care to get all of the muck and grease up that you can. Lastly, buff your hob with a cleaning cloth so that it’s left looking beautifully shiny and clean.

Tackling the inside of the oven

The inside of your oven can be dirty, smelly and awkward to reach. What’s more, the thought of putting chemical-based cleaning products inside it that could potentially contaminate future food you cook in there can be pretty worrying.

But the good news is that you don’t actually need any commercial cleaning products to get your oven sparkling. Instead, you need to stop kneeling down to peer at the mess inside your oven and get looking in your kitchen cupboards for some baking soda and white wine vinegar.

Combined together, these products make a great abrasive mixture that’s fantastic for scrubbing burnt food off the bottom of an oven. Make your own cleaning paste by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water, until you have a fairly thick consistency.

Apply the paste to the bottom of your oven, the sides, the shelves and even the door if it’s in need of a clean and leave overnight. In the morning, fill a spray bottle with a little white wine vinegar and spritz this onto the paste, before using a cloth to gather up the mess.

The paste should have worked its magic while you were in bed, meaning you should easily be able to clean up all of that stubborn dirt that’s been sitting in the bottom of your oven for longer than you care to admit.

Really can’t bear the thought?

If you don’t have the time, don’t want to be bending down to scrub inside your oven or simply can’t bear the thought of cleaning your cooker, remember that oven cleaning is one of the core services we provide here at FastKlean.

Not only will our experienced cleaners leave your hob gleaming and make the inside of your oven appear as good as new, but they can also tackle your extractor fan and hood, where dirt and grime you’ve probably never even noticed can very quickly build up.

We can give your kitchen a thorough deep-clean too, so if you want the job done properly with none of the stress, contact the team at FastKlean today.

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