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FastKlean Cleaning Company accommodated kids’ place

Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company

FastKlean Cleaning Company accommodated kids’ place

Basically, there are 4 types of children rooms that we need to cover; they vary from the individual toilets, basins and cubicles. There are also typical rooms which the floors, carpets and window sills need to be cleaned. Although cleaning service is not needed on the yard, the nursery mentioned they wanted FastKlean to do the garbage throwing weekly.

As mentioned, FastKlean immediately formed a team that is designated to work only for the nursery. We wanted to ensure that we give them the essential cleaning service they need without compromising the health of the children and toddlers as well as the client’s budget for the said services.

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The main areas to be cleaned thoroughly would be the floors, carpets and window sills. We also guaranteed that the floor under their fixtures will be dust-free. Our tem was very successful in creating a series of cleaning tasks. It required a couple of revisions and we consulted other experts who were not part of the team that will handle the nursery project to ensure everything will be set.

Because this potential client has very high standards, Cleaning Company ensured they will receive only the best cleaning experience from us. We promised to send highly experienced cleaners and workers who have experience dealing with color-coded mops and other kinds of cleaning tools and equipments. We also mentioned in our proposal that they will surely get the worth of their pay for FastKlean always aims for 100% customer satisfaction.

It didn’t take long before this nursery contacted us again and gave us the good news that they’ve chosen for the cleaning project. Again, another thumbs up and hats off for FastKlean. We don’t want to brag about our output but this nursery project is something worth the highlight. Get More Info

In case you need extra details about our Cleaning Company in London, please make contact with us on 020 8884 9149.

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