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Professional Carpet Cleaners Know What They Are Doing

Carpet Cleaning London

Professional Carpet Cleaners Have Years of Experience


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service provided by your company today. The carpets are looking much better and this is quite an achievement as they are old and well-worn. When the sofa and chair dry out I am sure they will look very clean and fresh. I think your personnel are professional as Zvez knows what he is doing, is neat and tidy, well-spoken and considerate about my furnishings.

Thanks again and I will recommend your company to others.

Kind regards,

L. F.”

Our professional domestic carpet cleaners are trained to use state of the art cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to get the best results out of your carpet and upholstery.

No matter how old and worn-out your carpet may be, make one phone call to a domestic carpet cleaning company in London and they can provide experienced carpet cleaners to make the carpet look brand new.  They can also offer additional domestic cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and curtain cleaning.

Carpet cleaning should be done on a regular basis, especially where the carpets receive a lot of foot traffic.  Carpets tend to pick up any dirt on shoes that gets carried in from outside, so one good measure to keep them clean for longer is to have a “no shoes” policy in the house and to keep a rug in the entrance hallway.

Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to get rid of all the dust and allergens that build up on the surface of the carpet and upholstery.

For a thorough clean and to remove any stubborn stains your carpets may have accumulated, it is recommended that professional carpet cleaning services are used every six months or at least once a year.

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