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Most mothers are overwhelmed by the challenge of carpet cleaning

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Most mothers are overwhelmed by the challenge of carpet cleaning and usually fail to clean upholstery properly, new research suggests.

According to a study from Woolite Carpet and Upholstery, the average mum has to contend with around 85 days of cleaning carpets and rugs every year.

Far from achieving success in removing these dirt stains, domestic goddesses are faced with 96 hours of cleaning failures per year and typically have eight lasting reminders of these failures in the form of spots and stains.

The Carpet Stains and Kids report found that the worst carpet stains caused by children usually take 12 hours of cleaning, suggesting a need for the more professional services of cleaning companies.

The top five stains caused by children are caused by juice, carbonated drinks, markers, chocolate and ketchup.

Only 46 per cent of mums said they manage to successfully rid their carpets and rugs of stubborn stains.

The survey found that the stress of cleaning stains takes an emotional toll on parents, with 27 per cent of mothers saying dirty carpets made them feel like bad homemakers, while 62 per cent said carpet stains make them feel as if their home is dirty.

Speaking to The Virginian-Pilot, cleaning specialist David Rivera recently stressed that a good cleaning regimen is essential to excellent presentation.

London cleaning companies can assist you with all your urgent carpet cleaning emergencies.

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