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How to Clean Pollen from Your Carpet

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Carpet Cleaners Can Remove Pollen Stains

It’s lovely to receive a bunch of flowers. There’s no better feeling than when a loved one has taken the time to choose the perfect bouquet of flowers for you.

But although they are beautiful, a bouquet of flowers can actually cause trouble for your carpet. So it’s worth knowing how to get rid of pollen stains from your carpet so that you can avoid those unsightly yellow stains.

The first thing to remember when you are dealing with stains caused by pollen is that you should never rub the stain. Rubbing or brushing the stain can push the pollen deeper into the carpet fibres and can cause the stain to spread.

The best way to treat pollen stains is with strips of cellotape. You can pick up the loose pollen on the surface of the carpet using a clean piece of cellotape.  Once the major pollen is removed you can soak the rest of the stain with water. Don’t rub the pollen stain with a cloth, but simply soak it and rinse it until the stain has faded.

The truth is though, that if it’s a really bad stain, you might not be able to completely get rid of it. That is unless you have the help of a cleaning company London that specializes in carpet cleaning.

These carpet cleaners London not only have the best cleaning supplies, but they know all the tricks of the trade to be able to restore your carpet back to its original colour.

With the help of carpet cleaning London, you can concentrate on enjoying your flowers rather than worrying about the mess they’ll leave behind.

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