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Daimer unveils power gum-removal steam cleaner ideal for deep carpet cleaning

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Daimer Industries has unveiled a brand new powerful gum-removal machine for deep and thorough carpet cleaning.
The KleenJet Supreme 3000CVG produces extremely high pressure levels and maximum steam temperatures to enable the removal of even the most obstinate chewing gum stains with relative ease.

Using some 3,200 watts of power, the cleaning machine offers as much as 96 psi of pressure and steam temperatures that reach highs of 329 degrees Fahrenheit.

The KleenJet Supreme 3000CVG is perfect for both domestic cleaners of professional cleaning companies who need top quality equipment to help them in their day-to-day cleaning activities around the house.

For suction, the wet and dry vacuum comes complete with 14-litre extraction chambers and produces 2,200 mm of water column lift.

Matthew Baratta, spokesperson for Daimer, said: “The Supreme 3000CVG is our most powerful gum-removal system. When not being used on gum, the system handles the toughest commercial tasks like cleaning tiles and grout as well as other surfaces.”

The release of the Supreme 3000CVG follows Daimer’s recent unveiling of its KleenJet Mega 1000V steam cleaner.

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