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Consumers urged to choose carpets with care for easily carpet cleaning

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When purchasing a new carpet, consumers should choose carefully and make sure what they are buying will be easy to clean.

According to UK Flooring Direct, choosing flooring for the home is a major issue, so householders should make decisions based on what will be compatible with their homes.

Picking a carpet or rug that has maximum dust-repellent qualities is also important because dirt tends to cling very tightly to carpet fibres making it difficult to remove by ordinary carpet cleaning methods.

Writing in About Property, the firm explained that consumers should take the time to determine what type of material they want their carpets to be made from and browse through the various fabrics and textures.

“Do you want one that is made from 100 per cent wool?” UK Flooring Direct commented. “What about the attractive 80/20 per cent wool twists out there on the market? Furthermore, there are deals to be found on natural carpets and Berbers.”

“Either way, you should always ensure that you stick to your budget and plump for the carpet that will best suit your home.”

Vacuum cleaning company RydoExpress recently said that householders have to take enough time and care to remove stubborn stains from their carpets using the appropriate carpet cleaning methods.

London cleaning companies offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services for all your urgent domestic needs.

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