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‘Consumers increasingly opt for eco-friendly products’

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Domestic cleaners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, an expert has said.

Alissa Marrapodi, associate editor of Natural Products Marketplace, explained that many householders are becoming more eco-conscious and are therefore turning to natural products as an alternative to chemical-based cleaners.

She pointed out that the harmful effects of general products found in supermarkets are becoming more widely reported, which is contributing to a shift in attitudes.

Ms Marrapodi highlighted research from the US Poison Control Center, which found that carpet cleaning products account for almost ten per cent of all cases where individuals have been exposed to a toxic material.

Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of such cases of exposure to toxic material involved children who were under the age of six.

As well as consumers changing the types of cleaning products they use, companies are also changing the kinds of goods they place on the market.

“Ultimately, more companies are turning to naturally derived ingredients that are not only good for the consumer’s home, but better for the environment,” Ms Marrapodi commented.

Cleaning industry professional Dalia Sreideriene recently said that consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of eco-friendly carpet cleaning services.

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