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Carpet Cleaning Tips – How To Clean Pet Stains On Carpet

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Carpet Cleaners Can Remove Pet Stains And Odours

Anyone with a dog or cat will tell you that they wouldn’t swap their pet for the world. A dog or a cat provides you with so much companionship and love, and it’s really comforting to have them in the house and welcome you when you get in from work.

But there are down sides to having a pet, especially when you first have to train them.  Turn your back for a minute and you’ll soon see or smell an accident somewhere on your carpet!

Follow these simple carpet cleaning tips and you won’t have to live with that nasty odour and unsightly stains.

  • Create a solution using half a gallon of water and two cups of white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial agent and odour eater.  The strong vinegar smell will fade once dried.
  • Sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda onto the pet stain. Let it sit for 15 minutes. This will help the cleaning process and absorb the smell.
  • Dip a sponge into your diluted vinegar solution and work it into the baking soda.  This will cause a fizzing reaction that breaks up the stain and lifts it.
  • Absorb all the excess moisture with a clean white towel.
  • Remove the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner.

This method is good for the odd spot clean, but in order to do the whole carpet you’re better off calling a carpet cleaning company London.  They will send professional cleaners that specialize in carpet cleaning services to remove every single stain and odour from your carpet using their state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning products.

If you’re tired of living with that funky smell and a messed up carpet then hire carpet cleaners London.  It’s certainly cheaper than replacing the carpet with a new one!

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