Cleaning Window

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Many people have window shades in their homes today and some lack quality and others are very expensive and very decorative and add much to the home. To maintain these you will need to do a few things on a regular basis to have the reward of keeping your inexpensive and also expensive window shades for many years to come and also the compliments will flow as oppsed to a house guest seeing a dirty window shadow. Window shades that need cleaning are definitely not attractive in any way so lets spend a little time discussing the care of cleaning of these window shades.

Most people are satisfied with doing very little in the way of maintaining their window shades, they are content to do a little dusting once in awhile and sometime an occasional spot cleaning but you don't want to be one of those people You want to be proud of your home.

Handle the window shades very gently when you pull up or donw, why pull and strech or break the cords then have to replace either the cords or the entire window shades. take a little time and effort and be very gentle. Even though you might choose to have them either pulled ot hte top, or midway or to the bottom you do need to maybe once a week or so take them and operate them from top to bottom to keep them in top working order. They will last longer doing this

little tiny task, a few moments of your time.

Now for the regular care: about once a week get a soft cloth or perhaps the dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner put on the wand and lets dust them. Pull the window shades all the way down and dust both sides, yes the back needs dusting also, do you want dark dirt to be caked on the back sides? No, that means more intensive cleaning when

it is not done regularly. Now pay special attention to the top of the roller and also to the hem, as dust can settle in the crevices of these at this areas.

To wash and clean these window shades you will need the following: a large plastic drop cloth to absorb any moisture that might float down to the rugs or carpets or floors and perhaps stain, a couple of those cellulose spongs and two pails, one for warm sudsy water and another for clean water. I usually use a dilution of pine sol and

warm water, pine sol will clean about everything you might think of cleaning. Now get two nice soft clean cloths for drying the window shades after cleaning.

You can either clean the shades still on the wall but if you can manage this or perhaps have hubby helping you, take these down and lay on a flat table or counter, and first of all dust both sides, even if on the window sill.

Dip the cellulose sponge into the warm water and wring it out, and rub lightly on both sides of the window shade, then take another clean cellulose sponge and dip it in the clear clean water and wring out, rub lightly on both sides

to rinse the window shades. Then take the nice soft clean cloth and wipe any moisture off the window shades. You will accomplish this by turning the shades over as you do each side or if left on the window holding the window shade

outward so as to clean on the back side. Don't think because you can't sit in the room and sit that back side that it doesn't need cleaning, it certainly does.

Last of all take the pull cord and wash it off the same as you did the window shades, then rinse then rub dry with the nice soft clean cloth.

You might think oh this will take up a lot of my time, no it won't, perhaps an hour or so, but don't you have that little amount of time to do a good job and be proud of those beautifully clean window shades? Sure you do, now get busy.